Why Choose Encrypter Pro?

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Strong Encryption & Anti-Tampering

File security with built-in SHA-256 bit or MD5 hashing to prevent tampering.

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Drag & Drop

Allows for fast, simple file encryption/decryption in a matter of seconds.

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Embedded Wibu System’s Technology

Encrypter is further protected with Wibu’s CmCloud, CmActLicense, or CmDongle licenses.

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Allow secured files to be decrypted by other Encrypter users with their own password.

Obfuscate HTML

Encrypter can obfuscate HTML code, which means to encrypt or hide strings of characters and other source code within the code page.

starred password field

Complex Password Creator

Encrypter allows for additional functionality such as creating and storing complex passwords within a built-in, highly secure database.

“Encrypter has made my life easier when it comes to protecting my files from prying eyes. I don’t know what I’d do without it!”

– Anonymous

Window Desktop Application

The Encrypter software appearance can be customized to suit your style. All features are easy to access and includes in-picture and plain-text encryption/decryption.

Future-Proofed Protection

Quantum computing could give would-be attackers the technological power to find even the smallest security cracks and obtain sensitive data in seconds. Encrypter future-proofs your data by using a Wibu device-bound (CmActLicense), dongle-bound (CmDongle), or cloud-bound (CmCloud) license, which allows for encryption keys to be stored independent of the user’s device.

Flexible Storage

Encrypted files can be securely stored on a user’s local computer, on external drives such as USB memory sticks or removable media, or it can be put into any cloud storage. Moreover, these encrypted files can be sent to clients and customers via any email client, providing maximum security and confidentiality for sensitive data.


  • Windows Desktop Application
  • Drag & Drop Encryption/Decryption
  • Wibu CodeMeter Cloud License Protection
  • Plain Text Encryption/Decryption
  • Skin Customization (i.e. Dark Mode)