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Some of the top cyber and data security threats, vulnerabilities and potential points of attack to be aware of include:

1. Randsomware

Last year saw the rise of some increasingly dangerous ransomware samples, including NotPeyta and WannaCry. The latter in particular garnered 300,000 infections for hackers, resulting in losses topping $4 billion. Ransomware will continue to be an especially impactful threat next year which should be built into security planning and employee education and awareness.

2. Business Email Compromise

BEC attacks currently represent one of the most pressing threats for enterprises, with employees from across the business being targeted with sophisticated, legitimate-looking emails. The FBI reported that BEC scams have cost companies $5.3 billion so far. What’s more, losses will only increase as BEC schemes continue to be leveraged by attackers.

3. Threats to the supply chain

An attack on the supply chain could halt business, and not only for one organization, but for every company connected to that supply chain. Enterprises will have to be particularly vigilant when it comes to bridging gaps in supply chain security in order to maintain beneficial relationships with suppliers, partners and customers.

4. Crime-as-a-Service

The information Security Forum (IFS) found that year on year we are experiencing a considerable increase in cybercrime due to Crime-as-a-Service, and that this trend is set to continue.

5. Lack of employee awareness and training

Between sophisticated phishing and social engineering techniques, employees still represent a weak link in enterprise security. Without the proper training and awareness, this gap can become increasingly large, creating gaping holes through which hackers can exploit and breach the company.
It’s imperative that employees are educated about the most recent threats, as well as the responsibilities as part of the company’s security posture.

6. Sophistication of new threats

The first half of 2017 saw the emergence of 382 new vulnerabilities. In addition to the use of older, previously identified vulnerabilities, hackers have also been apt at spotting weaknesses before security researchers and software vendors.

7. Connected devices and the IoT

As the capabilities of technology increase and disruptive systems are deployed in new industries, they will become prime targets for hacking and malicious activity. Trend Micro noted this pattern within connected devices being utilized within smart factories in industrial and manufacturing settings. By next year, more than one million connected, robotic devices will be utilized in this capacity, and it’s imperative that any organization – within industrial environments and beyond – using connected devices ensure that these are properly protected.

8. Mobile threats

Unsurprisingly, the mobile platform will continue to be a top attack vector for hackers next year. As enterprises continue to enable employees to use their mobile devices for enterprise pursuits, it’s imperative that security is in place to prevent unauthorized access and ensure sensitive data remains secure. Source Arabian Gazette.

How does CodeMeter software protection work?

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter gives you a full range of options for integrating software protection into your application. There is a fast and simple method which lets you add either software-or hardware-based protection without changing a line of code, or for more complex requirements you can protect individual modules, rather than the entire application.

You can also create a licensing strategy where the user has a limited number of specific events, such as pages printed, defined within their license parameters.

For maximum software protection, choose our hardware-based solution using our driverless CodeMeter stick, uncracked in multiple public hacker’s contests, or use CodeMeter CmAct for machine-bound software-only copy protection.

CodeMeter gives you multiple license management options, including:

  • Pay Per Use
  • Time limit
  • Locked modules
  • Demos
  • Network validation
  • Protection against virtual machine abuse

The highest level of security for documents (HTML or PDF) or files (DOC or XLS)
CodeMeter lets you assign different access rights to your documents and store the encrypted version in a SmartShelter archive.

The document protection hardware (CodeMeter or WibuKey) can be defined to enable read or print access permissions to your customers or employees.

A CodeMeter ID is used to control access to the internet and intranet. One of its uses is to limit SaaS (software as a service) sites to registered users. The hardware provides access protection by determining which customer or employee has permission to access the website

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