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CodeLock specialises in digital encryption, protection and security solutions.
Work with highly confidential data whilst protecting your IP, in line with
Global Data Protection Regulations.

How up-to date is your IT corporate governance strategy and plan?

We’re living in a time of accelerated cyber threats, recognised in the 2017 King IV Corporate Governance Report whereby protection of data and security of systems has become a board governance issue with liability falling on the shoulders of the directors. In South Africa, the long awaited promulgation of the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information) will require compliance by all affected companies in adequately addressing these threats.

Here’s what you can do right now to protect your digital assets. 

CodeLock provides a key product suite:

CODEMETER is a software system that enables you to protect your soft-ware whilst controlling access to your systems or applications through online, offline or embedded licensing solutions for ultimate protection. CodeLock supplies the Wibu-Systems range of products, a world leader in digital data protection and rights management since 1988, based in Germany, with offices on multiple continents.

CodeMeter combines protection against piracy and reverse engineering of your digital assets or data in your custody. For software developers or IoT product developers CodeMeter gives you a full embedded licensing back-end, offering practical choices to your operations, or customers, that can maximise revenue.

CodeMeter© safeguards your data and your users’ data, providing security against tampering and 3rd party attacks.