About us

CodeLock and Licensing Systems (Pty) Ltd is an information security tech company specialising in high-end data encryption and digital asset protection. We partner with German company Wibu-Systems who provide state-of-the-art security and licensing management using their CodeMeter licencing technology.

We Transform Business through Technology

Our sister company Reslam, a high security lock and safe monitoring platform developed for banks and companies dealing with cash or high value assets, was the first development house to use Wibu-Systems technology in South Africa. Reslam uses CodeMeter to protect its software and control real time access to, and monitoring of multiple lock estates across multiple locations.

Using CodeMeter software and hardware,  CodeLock is building a stand-alone application,  Encrypter to handle data and file encryption and transmission through a highly secure, closed network, or to encrypt data to send over any email system. This has significant application in legal, financial and other businesses requiring high security communications platforms.

As a distributor of Wibu-Systems, we offer a broad spectrum of pricing models for a range of security and licencing products to meet diverse and evolving customer demands, providing customized options depending on client requirements.

The Team

Peter Cordiner, Chairman
Peter is a self-starter. As a Master Locksmith he has brought lock technology into the 21st century driven by fierce/fearless product design innovation, using the Internet of Things to bring online, real time solutions to lock and unlock physical or digital assets.Locksmith Wholesalers have been the Kaba distributor for Africa since 1987. With Ken he has used this locking system to develop Reslam the online networked Lock platform that enables full compliance and real time monitoring and reporting of all individual locks, their protocol, rules, encryption, biometric identification and the like.
Peter along with Ken bring a high security mindset to bear in the initiation of CodeLock in conjunction with Wibu, with hands on guidance and oversight.

Ken Metcalf, Chief Technical Officer
Ken Metcalf holds two Bachelor’s degrees focusing on Electronic Engineering, Information Technology and Commerce. He has successfully managed many high capital value projects in the international arena. Ken has more than 20 years post graduate Information Systems, Information Security and Financial transaction processing experience mainly in the role of Chief Technology Officer. Ken has spent over 10 years working in depth within the electronic commerce, high volume transaction processing platforms, banking and smart card system environments.
Ken is responsible for guiding the company in all technical aspects related to the Wibu Systems product offering. This will involve high level interaction with the technical management of prospective clients, providing clear product guidance.

Shaun Bosworth, Technical Support Manager
Shaun is an experienced IT practitioner with over 20 years of commercial experience with a range of systems. His skill set includes IT systems management, configuring peripherals and interfacing with main servers, coding of Wibu CmAct licenses and CmDongles and activation under the Reslam brand. Shaun is also responsible for product and technical support responses to clients and customers, as well as training of users on the various product lines and IT devices.

Dylan Ainsworth, Programmer and Sales & Support
Dylan’s key duties in the CodeLock operation include sales support and Marketing. Dylan designs and maintains the websites for the company on the front-end development side including Google analytics and SEO, of which he does for all the sister companies of CodeLock.